The science behind retaining millennial customers

Driving loyalty among your most important target market.

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Top 5 reasons millennials stay loyal to an online retailer

(Excluding China)

of millennials say there are things a retailer can do that will make them loyal

of millennials say they still like to visit shops on the high street and in shopping centres

say they like to visit the high street to try items on or test them out

want to touch items before they buy

value the high street for the instant access it provides

The younger the audience, the more responsive they're likely to be to product recommendations

Over 80% of millennials shop online at least monthly.

In the last 12 months 59% of millennials have made spontaneous online purchases when items have been presented to them at random by a retailer or brand.

0%of millennials admit they have abandoned a shopping cart in the 12 months because they have been distracted by something more interesting.

77% of millennials have made a purchase after seeing a recommendation on a social site in the last twelve months.


of millennials think retailers are slow to respond to changing trends and fashions that impact people their age.


of millennials who shop online daily say brands and retailers are too slow to respond.


of brand and retail respondents think their organisation is agile enough to cope with the unpredictable millennial market.