How retailers can
reach millennials

Are you doing enough to attract the most important target market?

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0 millennials

(aged 16-34) around the world researched

(Including UK, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and China)

Top 5 sites for social recommendation

(Excluding China)

Have made a purchase after seeing a product that someone else has liked or shared

For the UK, US and Australia

For France, Germany and the Nordics

The younger the audience, the more responsive they're likely to be to product recommendations

Social media has become the primary vehicle by which shoppers and their peers share recommendations

North American retailers attribute

3.3 billion of sales

to social media sources in 2014

from 2013

Worldwide Total Revenue

from socially-driven commerce in 2015 topped

$30 billin

of millennials say they would only buy certain items if they were recommended or reviewed

Recommendations are particularly important for

Electrical goods

Health and beauty

Books, music and DVDs

4 in 10 web users go on to make a purchase after they liked or shared a product on social media

In the last 12 months

of millennials have made
spontaneous online purchases

On average, millennials have done this six times in the last 12 months,
but some say they have done it a hundred times