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Understanding the buying behaviour of your most valuable market

Cross-Border Trading

We all recognise that we live and work in an increasingly homogenised market of global brands, single currencies and common languages. Geographic barriers are falling to the overwhelming force of the Internet and global corporations.  To understand the scale of the change we conducted some research to identify how this translates into purchase behaviour in arguably the most important customer demographic of all time, the Millennials.

And the results were very revealing:  57% of millennials don’t care which country they shop from, but they do want to be reached and served in different ways. Global success isn’t about a one size fits all approach.

Download our research paper: Cross-Border Trading – a Global Common Market­­ to make sure you are Future-Ready.

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Looking for more? Our supplementary discussion paper is full of further insights into global retail from some of the industry’s most influencer leaders. Our discussion paper gives an exclusive glimpse into how other successful businesses are preparing for the future of retail. You can download this paper at the same time. 

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